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Annual Meeting 2024 SHARP & Scottish Lipid Forum

21 - 22 November 2024

Crieff Hydro Hotel, Ferntower Road, Crieff PH7 3LQ

The accepted abstracts will be available to view close to the date of the event.

Abstracts & Posters

Annual Meeting 2024 SHARP & Scottish Lipid Forum


Continuing our tradition of a 2-day annual meeting, we're thrilled to announce that we will be returning to Crieff Hydro Hotel on the 21st & 22nd November 2024. It's been a challenging few years, but we're looking forward to connecting with you all once again!

The 2024 Annual Meeting will focus on the crucial interface between primary and secondary care in cardiovascular and metabolic conditions. Stay tuned - the programme is currently being developed! 

What to expect

Attendees can anticipate an enriching experience at the meeting, featuring state-of-the-art lectures delivered by eminent clinician scientists. Engage in hands-on workshops to discuss specific scenarios, and look forward to original contributions from colleagues across Scotland. 

We will focus on a wide spectrum of cardiovascular and metabolic conditions, including lipid disorders, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart failure, and intracerebral hemorrhage and other relevant areas.

There will be ample time for exchange and discussion, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment for all participants.

Why Should You Register for This Meeting?

Cardiovascular disease and diabetes, along with their various clinical manifestations, remain among the most prevalent conditions encountered in daily practice. Understanding your patients' risk of future cardiovascular events and exploring how clinicians can effectively mitigate these risks are crucial for the well-being of our patients. 

  • Explore the latest advancements in cardiovascular and metabolic medicine.

  • Engage in discussions on new guidelines and therapies.

  • Collaborate with delegates and share your own contributions.

  • Win prizes for the best contributions, including the prestigious SHARP Prize.

Join Us for an Inspiring Gathering

The meeting will be attractive to general practitioners and secondary physicians alike. For those at early career stages and established clinicians and clinician scientists. And importantly, for nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals and members of the public. Join us for what promises to be an enjoyable and valuable meeting!

Stay Updated and Engaged

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The invitation for abstract submissions for the 2024 SHARP Prize will commence late-spring, welcoming participation from healthcare professionals and researchers to submit their abstracts.

Participating in this esteemed prize not only provides an opportunity to showcase your work but also contributes to the enhancement of your career.

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Following the success of our 2023 Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, we're excited to invite you to this year's two-day, in-person event at Crieff Hydro Hotel. Join us on Thursday, November 21st, and Friday, November 22nd, for another engaging gathering aimed at advancing our shared goals in cardiovascular health.

What sets SHARP apart is our ability to bring together a diverse spectrum of stakeholders in medicine, medtech, and technology. Our unique forum attracts a breadth of professionals, including digital and data companies, all eager to engage and contribute to the advancement of cardiovascular health.

Our annual meeting gathers experts in stroke, lipid, cardiac, metabolic, and other specialisms, with representation from primary & secondary care professionals from all corners of Scotland. Our conference provides a platform for meaningful discussions and knowledge exchange.

At SHARP, we are dedicated to shaping patient care through healthcare research and educational initiatives. As a heart charity, our mission is to reduce cardiovascular disease by driving forward initiatives that have a direct impact on patient outcomes. Your participation as a sponsor not only supports the advancement of healthcare in this area but also grants you access to a prominent platform where you can connect with healthcare professionals dedicated to cardiovascular health.

Join us in an impactful journey that unites industry leaders & healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing cardiovascular health.

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