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'Sharp'ening SHARP's Communication Design

9 April 2024


'Sharp'ening SHARP's Communication Design

Abid Abbas (, a MSc Product Design student at the University of Dundee, was scouted by our executive committee to update our website early 2022. Since then, working as an integral part of our Communications sub-group, he has been developing an online presence that is intuitive, accessible, and, most importantly, 'sharp.'

In July 2022 the first major update went live. The then Chair of SHARP, Prof. Jacob George, wrote in the UoD Newsletter (Link):

“Abid’s excellent work makes the website an effective tool to communicate the work of SHARP to a wider audience. It is an excellent example of the high quality outputs that students at DJCAD produce."

Abid also recently redesigned the Scottish Lipid Forum’s logo. SLF Chair, Dr. Jonathan Malo wrote:

“I am very grateful to Abid for an attractive and modern new logo, which is in keeping with the very carefully designed and thoughtfully laid out new Scottish Lipid Forum webpage. This excellent update is key to ensuring that we can continue to engage and update health care professionals in all things related to lipids and the prevention of cardiovascular disease.”

Our ultimate vision for a website has now gone live. SHARP Chair, Prof. Christian Delles wrote:

“Many thanks to Abid for the stellar work on the SHARP website. The refreshed look mirrors our ambitions for SHARP to lead cardiovascular risk prevention in Scotland and beyond. I invite SHARP members, colleagues and importantly all members of the public to visit us online and of course also to join us at our annual meetings and other events – all of which can be found on the website.”

Abid’s grandmother, Mrs. Milan Zehra Naqvi, suffered from ill-health, including heart-related conditions. She would often playfully ask her grandchildren to pursue medicine when they grow older — hoping to spare future generations from similar suffering. Abid’s work with SHARP is his way of fulfilling his late grandmother’s wish.

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