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A major cause of ill-health and death in Scotland is Cardiovascular disease. In 2012, it was reported to have caused 29%, or 15,899 deaths. This, not only equates to a substantial loss of life but a substantial loss of productive working years of life. Research indicates that in 2012 around 22,000 ‘working years’ were lost due to deaths before the age of 64. This statistic doesn’t account for ‘working years’ lost due to ill health. Much of this is preventable if the warning signs are picked up early and lifestyle changes are made.


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Scottish Heart and Arterial Risk Prevention Annual Scientific Meeting 2022




The efforts and resources of SHARP are directed toward both education and research. Educational facilities are provided for health professionals to assist them in identifying those at risk and helping them reduce their risk of developing these diseases.

Your Heart-health

There is a lot you can do to prevent Cardiovascular disease or slow its progression. Access the resources below to learn how heart-healthy you are and get advice:

NHS Health Check: What's your heart age?

The Heart Age test gives you an idea of what your heart age is compared to your real age. This test is only suitable for people aged 30 to 95.

The term ‘cardiovascular disease’ covers a variety of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Visit the NHS web page for accurate information.


What is Cardiovascular Disease?

Assign Score: Estimate the Risk

Estimate the risk of developing cardiovascular disease over ten years using Assign Score.

British Heart Foundation: Nutrition

Get delicious, heart-healthy recipes, cooking inspiration and advice from the experts at the British Heart Foundation.

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